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Loan 800 – borrow money with just a few clicks. 

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The simple and secure loan form can be filled out in a few clicks. So submitting a request is super fast. 


The 100% online process makes it simple and easy to connect with a network of lenders in just a few clicks.


Get lender approval fast from our network of lenders chosen for their expertise, cost, speed, service and much more. 

How to get a 800 pound loan?

loans quick and easy

1. Submit a request to loan 800 pounds

The 100% online process is simple and secure and cuts away all unnecessary paperwork. Simply submit a loan request and get connected to our network of trusted lenders. 

2. Get £800 loan offers

If the loan offer fits your needs and desires, and you agree to the terms, simply sign the deal online and be ready to receive the funds. 

3. Receive your £800

Once you have submitted an application and signed the loan offer for £800, the money will be in your account quickly. 

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Loan £800

A £800 loan is an easy way to get money fast. 

£800 loans can be obtained in a few clicks – 100% online. 

If you need money for unexpected bills or any other situation, a loan is an easy way to get money in your account fast. 

To get started, simply click the button.

Loan amount

£50 – £2000✔️

Loan term

1 month – 24 months ✔️


Apply in clicks ✔️


100% online – 24/7✔️

Why use Incombi to get your next loan?

We believe money should be easily accessible for anyone in any situation. We help people find loans from trusted lenders in no time. By doing this we make it possible to get money in only a few clicks. 

Who can get a £800 loan? – general requirements to borrow

The requirements to get online loans are very few, and anyone can apply for the loans in our network of reliable lenders. Even if you have been rejected for loans in the past, we could help you get the money you need. 

If you are wondering if you are eligible for £800 loans then you often simply need to follow these few criteria. 

  • 18+ years old
  • Full time or part time income
  • Live in the UK and have a UK bank account
  • Have a mobile phone and email

The requirements for loans can vary depending on the lender, but if you meet these requirements the chances of getting loans online from our network of reputable loan lenders are very high.  

£800 loan bad credit

Do you need a £800 loan but you have a bad credit? 

Do not worry, because we focus on helping people get the money that they need no matter their credit score. 

If you have a bad credit history and you want to get bad credit loans, it is still possible. 

You do however, have to be aware that financial credit institutions, banks, credit unions and other lenders often check your credit history before granting bad credit loans. This is to make sure you as the “debtor” is able to pay the loan back. 

But don’t worry, we help you find soft credit search loans, which means your credit record will be checked, but soft checks will not harm your credit score in any way. 

So if you have a bad credit and need a “£800 loan bad credit” it will only take a few clicks to get started and apply.

£800 loan no credit check?

Many people with bad credit look for a “loan no credit check” or “no credit check loans” because they think that they are not able to get loans without having a perfect credit score. 

Bad credit however, does not prevent you from getting £800 bad credit loans and you are able to get started right here for free without having a perfect credit. 

Before lenders borrow cash out, they perform a credit check. We find FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) approved providers of loans who perform soft banking credit checks, which do not affect your credit. 

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£800 loans direct lender

When you are looking to get £800 loans it can be a great advantage to get loans directly from a lender. 

We cut out all unnecessary middlemen and establish a direct lender connection for you with one simple form. 

What this means is that in a very short time you will be able to get £800 loans from a direct lender. 

You can get started above in only a few clicks. This way you will save a lot of time and we will make sure that you will get a loan offer from a trusted direct lender. 

£800 personal loan

£800 personal loans are loans from a bank, financial institution or online providers of loans used for personal consumer use. Personal loans are typically paid back in monthly instalments and without collateral or guarantor on the loans. Personal loans can also be a credit line. 

Personal loans are easily obtainable online and it only takes a few clicks to apply and get connected to reputable providers of loans. 

£800 online loans

Online loans have become a very popular way to borrow money. 

Traditional bank loans are slow and often full of time-consuming paperwork.

£800 online loans are quick and easy to get, without the annoying paperwork, and therefore many people prefer to borrow money this way.

People simply don’t want to wait days or even weeks to get their money from loans when they need it now. 

Eliminating time-consuming and unnecessary processes in getting a loan makes borrowing money both easier and cheaper. 

We specialise in making online loans easily accessible for any one in a matter of clicks.

Get started today in a few clicks and quickly receive £800 online loan offers.  

£800 low interest loans

Interest rate is one of the most important things to look at before getting a £800 loan. 

The lower the interest rate is, the cheaper the loan often is. 

But you have to remember that interest rate is not the only cost that a loan can have. 

There can be other costs associated with the £800 loan such as fees, which many people forget. 

A more accurate measurement than interest rate is to look at the APR (annual percentage rate),  

This includes interest rates and all other fees related to the loan.

If you want to find loans with low interest rates and costs, you can get started right here in just a few clicks. 

800 pound payday loan, cash advance loans, lenders and more

A payday loan also known as cash advance loans, bad credit payday loans or salary loans are short term loans often with a relatively higher interest rate compared to alternative types of financial loans.

Payday loans are meant to extend credit till your next payday where you can repay the loan. Because payday loans have a short loan term till the next paycheck, they often have a higher interest rate if you compare them to long term loans. 

£800 payday loans are a popular way to borrow money online, because of their loose requirements and fast processing. Many people prefer fast and reliable payday loans over long term loans because they don’t want to be in debt for long. They also know that they can pay back the payday loan soon next time they get a salary. 

£800 fast loan – quick cash loan

£800 fast loans or quick cash loans are unsecured loans (unsecured debt with no asset as collateral) with a quick and easy loan application process where the borrowed funds are available quickly after approval. 

Fast loans can be obtained 100% online using our network of fast loan lenders, which ensures borrowers cash from trusted lenders. 

Quick 800 pound loan – quick money 

Quick 800 pound loans can be obtained right here in only a few clicks. Our mission is to make cash quickly accessible for anyone almost instant at any time no matter your credit record. 

We want it to be as quick and easy as possible to get money from trusted lenders, so you can save time and money. You can decide if you want the loan for less than a month or for several months. The repayment on loans can be made with direct debit every month, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to pay the creditor in time, also known as defaulting.  

Emergency loans 

If you suddenly need money for emergencies and sudden expenses, it is always important to know where you can find emergency loans. 

The answer is actually simple, because you are already here. 

We make it fast, simple and easy to find £800 emergency loans for any type of financial emergency.  

With our instant loans platform it is easy to get connected and apply to trusted and reliable options of lenders with emergency loans. 

You can get started today 100% online in only a few clicks. 

800 pound instalment loan

800 pound instalment loans are loans with regularly scheduled payments also known as instalments, which are often between 3 and 24 months. 

An instalment loan makes it possible to split up larger payments over a few months or years so they are easier to afford. 

If you need money today, getting instalment loans in the UK through our site is fast, simple and affordable.  

We will connect you to a network of reliable lenders with loans in a matter of minutes. 

You decide the term, also known as the repayment period for the £800 instalment loan. 

Borrow £800 – apply now 

If you want to borrow cash fast and quickly today, you have come to the right place. 

Because here you can tap into a network of reliable providers of loans, ready to borrow funds fast.

Submit a request to £800 online loans above on your phone, tablet or computer – in just a few clicks. 

We will connect you with a trusted and respected lender providing you with a fast and affordable loan today, so you can have the money as quickly and as easily as possible.   

We partner with many popular lenders chosen for their financial service, lending speed, cost, reviews and much more to ensure that you only receive loan offers from respected providers of loans in the finance loan industry. 

Borrow money in just a few clicks – get started today and apply in minutes for an obligation free quote. 

Can you get a guaranteed £800 loan?

No, loans are never guaranteed from a lender or a broker, but if you live up to the general requirements the chances are very high and almost guaranteed since the loans you are able to get from here have a very high acceptance rate. 

But if you are not sure if you will be approved for 800 pound loans because of a bad credit or something else, and you really need the money, you can always apply for free to be sure. 

It only takes just a few clicks and is 100% online, and you can get started right here through our web portal service. 

£800 same day loans

Getting loans from our network of respected lenders is easy and reliable. 

Simply choose how much you want to borrow, together with the repayment period for the loan. 

Now fill out a short and secure loan application with relevant information, so you can quickly receive the funding ready on your credit card. 

We will then connect you with a reputable lender in the United Kingdom. 

Within minutes you will receive a response, and could have the £800 in your bank account the same day you apply without leaving your home.  

Small loan – £800

Small £800 loans are popular because they make it possible to borrow cash fast from providers of loans with good terms.  

You don’t have to deal with time consuming paperwork when you need a smaller amount of money.

You can get started today with small loans starting from 50 pounds.

Simply choose the repayment period and submit a request and get the small loan offers coming to you. 

This way you not only save valuable time but you are also guaranteed a trusted and respected lender in the UK.

If you like the £800 loan and agree to the terms – simply sign the deal online and be ready to receive the cash. Tip: if you already have multiple small loans you can choose to consolidate debt into one loan. 

800 short term loan

A £800 short term loan is a loan with a loan repayment period usually between a month or less up to a couple months.   

It is easy to find and apply for loans with short term and good rates in the uk by simply connecting to our network of reliable providers of short term loans. 

You simply choose your preferred repayment period in weeks or months, also known as the term for the £800 short term loan and fill out a short application. 

After that we make sure you get connected to trusted lenders with short term loans ready for you.